Thoughts on Vulnerable Leadership

Leadership is difficult when you don’t know how to be vulnerable with the people you lead. #3 on this list by Forbes (11 Ways a Leader Can Develop Empathy) makes sense, but it falls short of telling leaders HOW to be more vulnerable in our western culture construct. We tend to award an image of authority and perfection while punishing those that show weakness or mistakes. If this is a common case, how can a leader of people feel safe being vulnerable if investors, board members, and those working for them hold them to an impossible and detrimental ideal? Continue reading “Thoughts on Vulnerable Leadership”

50 Answers to 50 questions

Empathy Lab has recently crossed the 50 question mark! Yay! As part of the Empathy Lab rollout, I’ve recently started inviting more friends and relatives to the empathy experiment. As we’ve been progressing through the questions, I’ve been answering the questions on the side. Here is a rundown on my first 50 answers. Some of them I will break out as individual blog posts and elaborate when I have the time.  Continue reading “50 Answers to 50 questions”

Scared Progression into the New

Last night’s thought after reading Shel Silverstein’s “Missing Piece Meets the Big O”…

Day in day out, ideas pour from my head,
So many things to explore before I drop dead.
My to-do list is like yours, extensive yet incomplete,
I check one thing off, add four more, zero inbox is quite a feat.
The thing that scares me most can make an above average wave,
I must lead with my heart, lean forward, and be brave.

-Shelton Continue reading “Scared Progression into the New”