Saturday mornings are off limits + Empathy Lab on October 2nd

From a recent post on LinkedIn:

Lesson learned, Saturday mornings are off limits. Why? There is an F trifecta: family, fall, football (college). Brunch with family + friends in SEC football gear in preparation for the big game. Ethnographic research for the win.

So, after a low turnout to the The Empathy Lab uBrunch (9/14) and many people explaining to me how important Saturday mornings were to them, I’ve decided to reschedule the next Empathy Lab event to the morning of October 2nd. Location is still up in the air, but coffee, croissants, and an hour of empathy education will be served.

Interested in joining me on the morning of October 2nd? Let me know ASAP so I can plan (DM me!). Tell your people too!

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