We are giants, standing on the shoulders of giants.

post it note with a sketch of people standing on each other's shoulders
Sketch, standing on the shoulders of giants

I tend to doubt myself a LOT in what I bring to the table. I feel as if I don’t have enough education, enough experience, enough confidence, enough scientific backing to the concepts I share, or enough money. It’s this ever present f-ing annoying hurdle that I know is completely wrong because I do have enough of all of these things. I am a giant that is standing atop other giants while also supporting and encouraging those around me. I am an expert at Shelton and have a load of life experience that NOBODY else can match. This life experience is my difference, is my absolute strength. I just need to remember before mentally beating myself too badly that I am enough.

I am enough and my experiences make me a giant. As I giant, I need to share my experiences, support others AND encourage those that doubt that they are good enough.

F – U lizard brain.

PS. I sketched this three times before coming to this final one. It always takes longer to get simple things out of your brain. Be patient!

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