Selling my Fitbit Blaze

I am a weekend runner and like to run different paths through my neighborhood and town. It’s fun to see different houses, streets, and the spring/summer blooms. My runs are not about how fast or how far, they are about moving my heart and sweating a bit. So, why did I feel the need to buy this FitBit Blaze in the first place? What were the jobs I wanted to be done?

Here is why I’ve decided to sell my FitBit Blaze on eBay.

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5pts to Kensington : Routines

Eastbound MARTA train, partially filled with weary day workers on their way home. It’s a familiar sight, something that grounds me. People are staring at their phones, listening to music, and looking out the windows at the passing urban landscape. It is a routine that I’ve selected to be mine, not something I am forced into.

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Comfortable Cat

Too often I censor, edit, hold myself back from writing and I am going to stop that. In order for me to be whole, to learn, and to grow, I must share my everyday thoughts. They don’t all warrant reading or should not be written just for a “Like”. They will be written because I want to share a thought, convey an idea, and potentially start a conversation with a like or unlike minded person.

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Personal Reflection: MLK Day, 2018

Originally published on Why did I write it there…heck if I know.

I took yesterday off, Monday, January 15th 2018, in order to observe Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. It is the first of many days that will shape the way I think, the way I interact, and the way I am confidently driven to lift up those around me. Yes, my day wasn’t all dedicated to service as I found myself on a roller rink for a 7 year old’s birthday party and at the grocery story getting the week’s fill. Life continues, but a quote from MLK struck me today more than many others. Continue reading “Personal Reflection: MLK Day, 2018”

FCC just voted to dismantle Net Neutrality

As a land of citizens supposedly striving towards a common good, why do those in power keep selling us out? If we cannot trust those in power, I can immediately see two options to improve this lost trust.

  1. Remove those from office that don’t represent the majority of us by all legal means necessary
  2. Be bold and lead, support, and or champion those that are free from monetary bias

So, what’s now? A few places that might be able to use your energy (and an ever growing list):

ACLU American Civil Liberties Union

EFF Electronics Frontier Foundations

The Hill : 83% of Americans Support Net Neutrality

My actions:

My next efforts, contacting my local representatives. More to come.

If you have thoughts on how to help let me know and I’ll update this post.

Recruiting vs Friend-making

(Written on MARTA while commuting to work. Please forgive my errors. -sD)

I cannot claim to have thought up this idea, but when I heard Jared Spool talking about why you write a thank you letter to your imaginary hire, it made complete sense. We don’t talk with friends in bullet points and calls to action. Culture isn’t made up of font choices and section spacing. Relationships in business and friendship rely on compassion, trust, understanding, and silly banter. If I am seeking to get into a business and friend relationship with another individual, why would I recruit them with a list of requirements? Not bad mouthing industry practices, but I’d like to do my discover a bit differently. Continue reading “Recruiting vs Friend-making”