Crawl to Sprint to Crawl

I love running. I love watching people run. I love sports that are pure and human powered. The foundation of any great track and field runner started with a crawl and progressed into something truly amazing through dedicated practice and deep heart.

Crawl before you walk.

Walk before you run.

Run before you sprint.

Sprint until you can’t.

Run until you can’t.

Walk until you can’t.

Crawl until you can walk again.

Be okay with your pace, your momentum, and your baby steps towards progress and recovery. It’s your pace, not their pace. Enjoy the journey as much as possible.

Personal note:
My runs do have crawling sessions, sitting periods, and skipping throughout. I am no longer competing against other people, a decathlon scoring table, or a stopwatch. I now compete again my ability to experience and share as much as possible. I run to experience.

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