Micro-Votes : With our money, time, and being.

Sticky note with micro-votes written on it with a sharpie marker
Sticky note with micro-votes written on it. In addition, there are 3 micro-vote areas; money, time, and being.

As consumers, we vote with money. As workers for companies, we vote with our time. As co-inhabitants of Earth, we vote with our being. Politics aside, we consistently “vote” for what we want the future to look like. All votes count because time moves forward with whatever we choose to do, or not do. Don’t wait until Tuesday, November 3, 2020 to cast your vote. Informed micro-decisions made between now, then, and beyond matter. 

Life’s voting booth is open 24/7. It will be uncomfortable at times, crowded, loud, broken, and eerily silent. None of this should not prevent us from gathering enough information to understand why we are voting so that we can cast our vote AND eventually explain why we did what we did to our children and grandchildren.

Micro-Voting is not hard, you are already doing it!

Vote with your money.

Vote with your time.

Vote with your being.

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