Personal Photo Sharing Plan = Flickr

I am trying to figure out the best way of sharing personal + family adventures without uploading them all to a place like Facebook or Instagram (I don’t trust them, nor want to help them be successful). Here is my current workaround in how I am going to use Flickr:

  1. Upload all images snapped on my Pixel 3 to Flickr
  2. Organize Flickr Photo albums based on experiences (personal experience, Empathy Lab experiences, etc.)
  3. Create a placeholder image to share on social media (Twitter = yes, Facebook/Instagram = maybe, LinkedIn = yes) that links back to my personal blog post + Flickr album
  4. Give people a few view of experiences (the long beautiful story) versus a partial Instagram view
  5. Lock down private photos (kids photos, intimate photos, racy photos, etc.) and allow people to ask for permission.

Why Flickr versus Google Photos?

  1. Flickr currently allows for on-image commenting
  2. Flickr has better friends, family, public, private controls
  3. I don’t really want to give Google any more attention or reason to sell me more stuff
  4. Flickr is MADE for photos and is now owned by SmugMug
  5. I have a PRO account and want to put it to use
  6. I’ve always LOVED Flickr (I am old school cool…)

Find me on Flickr! I have quite a few public photos and many photos not available to the general public. Now that I am putting this out there, I will probably start curating my sets a bit more. If you are on Flickr, please let me know and I will check you out.


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