Scared Progression into the New

Last night’s thought after reading Shel Silverstein’s “Missing Piece Meets the Big O”…

Day in day out, ideas pour from my head,
So many things to explore before I drop dead.
My to-do list is like yours, extensive yet incomplete,
I check one thing off, add four more, zero inbox is quite a feat.
The thing that scares me most can make an above average wave,
I must lead with my heart, lean forward, and be brave.


“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Here is me being brave. For the past 50 days, I’ve asked myself and friends a single question a day. I’ve learned a LOT about myself and those around me through a focus on this singular task. With a day full of distractions, it’s nice to talk about something like question #5, Bows and Arrows or question #39, Excavators (#39 came from my son).

Here’s where the rubber meets the road and nervous sweats begin. These daily questions are meant to be asked to more people than just my friends and acquaintances. I’ve built a framework around this thing I’ve call the Empathy Lab. By design, I want to give as many people as possible a simple question each day to ponder, answer, and ask each other. I want to help spur conversations, I want to help build understanding, and ultimately, I want to add to our collective empathy. We’ve got a lot to share.

Here we go.

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High fives and hugs,


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