Running Towards Empathy

Me running across sand dunes in the Sahara with Rogue Expedition and many incredible friends!!

Running Towards Empathy

We avoid uncomfortable situations because being uncomfortable is uncomfortable. (Duh!) The gremlins in our head only want sugar and easy times. Sometimes this aversion to truly dangerous and high risk situations is warranted. Most of the time, learning about different experiences, people, places, and ideologies is low risk and not dangerous, just uncomfortable. Here in Morocco, along with an amazing group of humans and @roguexpeditions, I leaned into discomfort because I knew the experiences and friendships were worth it. So, so worth it. Infinitely worth it. Thank you Allison, Sean, and Hamid!!

Also, thanks to @varusen_ai for reducing my discomfort as I played in the Saharan sand!! The sand was hot!!

So, practice running towards those things that make you a bit uncomfortable especially if you desire to understand, learn, create, and enjoy something different.

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