stop telegraphing

In sports, when you telegraph what you are going to do, you essentially show your opponent your next move. It takes away any advantage to surprise them. Yes, sometimes you can fake a telegraphed move, but in order to do that, you must be really good. Telegraphing action outside of sports comes across as saying and eluding to what you are going to do rather than doing it and letting people witness the process, progress, and action. It’s a future focused effort. Personally, telegraphing something I intend to do seems to lower my personal ambition, which it turn makes it less likely for me to put my heart into the task. So, in the vein of not telegraphing, I am just going to start taking action.

I avoid taking new action because I’ve been raised and cultured to never mess up or show weakness. Another term for this is perfectionism. Over 40 years of trial and error, design iteration after design iteration, difficult conversation after difficult conversation, the best things come from places where I just put myself out there with the belief that I will endure if it’s meant to be. Without care of looking like a fool and with a healthy control of the risk involved, I’ve evolved as a human when I just took the chance. I’ve evolved when I trust those around me to support me even if things went sideways.

I’ve discovered that my dearest friends and deepest intimate relationships were developed with those that I’ve failed, faltered, and had very difficult conversations with. Being in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual trenches with another while retaining trust, compassion, and openness means a lot. Evolving through these difficult times with one another, taking turns leading, and not shaming or blaming the other, but moving on, and moving through together creates love. This energy of love it important to me.

Love as energy is addicting as well as truly uplifting. It transcends time and space, meets you where you are at, and only grows. Telegraphing my actions robs me of the potential of finding and sharing more of this love as energy. Taking radical action and being supportive in others amazing pursuits is where I want to live. I don’t need the show, the fame, or the awards. I don’t care who sees me as a fool for trying the impossible or supporting those doing the same.

I am here for innovation and evolution.

I am here for shared love and energy.

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