My brain’s still in Morocco


I am still lying in bed, it’s dark, L’s downstairs because she couldn’t sleep, and I am now wide awake as well. My brain and body thinks it’s 9:30a in Marrakech. Cool! Now what?

I often want to be an early bird, get up early and work out, get the day started. Now is my chance to start when by internal clock is off, right? Maybe, yes…but I do love being warm in bed, feeling the sheets against me, head buried in the pillow. It is like a warm hug, and if you know me well enough, I love a good, cuddly, warm, full body hug. Ha, I know my kids know it well!

So, what now? I could:

  • Go for a walk around the neighborhood with my head lamp
  • Hit the gym
  • Start the fire and get some reading done
  • Make a pot of green tea (wish I had fresh mint)
  • Start working
  • So some yoga to warm up my Achilles tendons which are still sore
  • I should put clothes on for a majority of these activities
  • Run a bath, take a shower

I am sure there are more things I could do, but at this hour, it is really about what I want to do in the moment. I tend to feel as if most of my waking life is in service of others first. Kids, partner, clients, friends, dishes outstanding deliverables, business strategy, etc. There are so many must do and should do that I feel guilty at times taking time, daily, for me.

Now is my early bird chance to carve out me time before the day’s responsibilities unfold. But first more warm time in bed because this is what I want at the moment.

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