Sugar Coating Donuts and Nipples

Originally posted on Twitter.

How much of your life has been spent trying to make other people feel comfortable despite the reality? By doing this, we’ve assumed they’re weak and made a decision for them without their consent. Sugar coating belongs on donuts and sometimes nipples. Use sugar wisely.

I tend to censor myself OFTEN as a Black male business owner, someone always looking to expand the people and clients I serve, and someone that might need to ask someone for a job in the near future. Honestly, I don’t know who I am unless I am in censor-mode. I also censor myself so that I don’t embarrass my family or close friends. Personal censorship, like many Instagram influencers, project a fake reality that gives little to no content of character. How can you know who I am or how I think if everything is overthought, over-analyzed, and over-edited before sharing? I am Emily Post clean for the most part, I don’t talk about politics, religion, or sex despite having thoughts, deep feelings, and opinions about each. This is NO way to actually lead an empathetic practice, be an empathy coach, or be an empathetic leader of people.

So, it’s time to step up and be a real human. I am not sure where this is going, but it will certainly make some waves.


ps. Short post because I need to ride to school to pick up my kiddos and then work from the playground as the kids play. Life as a work from home parent!

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