Sharing my sketches IS productive work

Written on originally on Twitter:

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an animator. I wanted to tell stories through sketches. While I haven’t set foot in an animation studio, I’ve utilized sketches for story telling in my own way. Despite this being one of my strongest skills, I find myself shying away from it…

Why? Because I’ve created a negative association between sketching + story telling and being a productive person. I’ve compared myself too much to other artists and story tellers…I’ve told myself – they are good, really good! I’m not, I should shush up….

It’s weird to look at the relationship I’ve created with myself through an empathetic and compassionate lens. I’ve not been kind to myself. My sketches and stories are beautiful because they are mine. By sharing them, without comparison or shame, I honor their beauty.

By honoring the images I sketch and stories I tell, I help those that are present, those that are engaged, to practice their empathy and compassion. I help those that are present to gain perspective, evolve, and hopefully experience more joy.

Here’s my latest iterative sketch based on the North Star. While we will never get to Polaris, we use this celestial body for life’s navigation. My North Star is being empathetically present for myself and others.

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