Not Noise

I hesitate to post my thoughts on most platforms because I don’t want to be lumped into the “noise”. The hesitation that our voice and message is “noise” assumes two big things:

  1. My message isn’t important.
  2. There aren’t people out there specifically listening to for my frequency.

As an ever evolving human, I struggle. As the founder of The Empathy Lab, I struggle with empathy for self and others which drives me to learn more, try more, teach more. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know a few important things and share them through the lens of athletics, design, and love. It’s my job to lift, support, and celebrate those that are on the same wave length as I with my stories, listening ears, sketches, hugs, words, lessons, and being.

Lesson: You voice is NOT noise. While social media feels noisy and that adding your story to the mix might feel inefficient, it is not. There are people out there on your frequency yearning to hear from you. They might not hear you today or tomorrow, or next week, but when the time is right for them to hear you, they will. It goes both ways, there are messages, new, old, and untold waiting to meet your frequency as well. Be open to hearing them.

You are not noise. Be open.

note: For those that have read this far, you might be on my frequency. Look closely, one of those dots in the sketch is meant for you. Don’t give it away. 😉

Originally posted to LinkedIn.

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