Today, I voted. Tomorrow, I work and support others.

It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s in the low 60s, breezy, and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. L and I went to Agnes Scott college to cast our ballot early and we were warmly welcomed by a number of amazing Black Women. They ran the show, everyone was in line, and no missteps were made without a firm yet loving correction. This vote matters. Being empathetic to others and to these amazing Black Women is what matters.

Yes, I voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Yes, I voted Democrat down the ballot.

This early vote for me was more than getting this done ahead of time. It’s part of my growing mission to be more active and involved in shaping the world around me. I’ve tried in the past to march to other people’s drums and I just don’t fit. I don’t rock the boat or bring attention to myself. I feared and continue to fear not being able to handle the results of being my full self or the rejection of others. I’ve got to change and am changing, slowly and methodically. I’ve positioned change to happen in way that best suits my life and personality. Change through small habits. Personal investments that will compound over time.

We got here because we were complacent. Part of the we was I. I am too content. Good habits, Good Trouble, and active Dissent are the tools of a progressive, inclusive, and equal future. These are the tools I must pick up, not for fanfare or for praise, but to do the right thing.

Vote early if you can.

Vote because you care about others.

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