RGB, Thank you.

Originally posted on LinkedIn:
Politics is part of life, and life is part of business. They are infinitely tied together, and for those that think differently need to evolve or step aside.

I am not the one to follow if you believe that politics and business don’t mix OR belong here on LinkedIn. Human rights, social justice, and income equality are all things that matter in both the political and business arena. They matter deeply to me and to how I am building The Empathy Lab. If you think that you’re able to run a company, team, or organization without being empathetic to your employees’ equality or human rights, you will fail and I hope that all of your employees leave you for someone that cares for them.

2020 feels as if it is trying to break me and those around me. Tonight, I mourn the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. In July, I mourned the loss of Congressman John Lewis. In April, I hugged my mom, Christine Davis, for the very last time. Over the past several years, I learned how much these people have fought for the things I believe in, that I cherish and fight for. I will continue to fight, support, and care for those that stand with me, with progress for all. I REFUSE to stand with those avoid getting into Good Trouble for other humans in order to keep their comfortable status.

I am throwing down my fucking gauntlet. We must do better as designers, developers, engineers, product managers, VCs, founders, hr professionals, professionals, students, and humans.

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