The Beautiful Life of Carmen, our Beloved Cat. 2004 – 2020

Last night, Carmen, our cat for over 15 years passed away.

She was a dark black mixed Russian Blue that we got from a pound in Los Angeles with her sister, Ella. It was 2004. Both of them had style, grace, and an amazing warmth to them. Up to the end, Carmen, tried her best to purr loudly in our presence. She loved giving cat-cupuncture to anyone laying down, loved catching chipmunks and small birds. Unlike her sister, Carmen was calm and always collected. Nothing startled her, not even Grayson, our son, taking her for “I’ll carry you” adventures through the backyard. She didn’t care about our greyhound, Nelly, she just walked around the tiny horse-dog.

She enjoyed sunning in the backyard and staying near me when I did yard work. On occasion, she would try to go on runs with me. One time I had to bring her back home because she followed me too far down the street. She figured it out after that and would just wait for me in the driveway to return.

She represented a life before kids, a life before owning a home, a life of crappy jobs, and apartments. She has seen the evolution of Laura and I and will continue purring for us as we continue this life’s journey.

We will miss Carmen so very much, much like we miss Ella who passed away in 2017. I will miss getting greeted as I return from my runs.

For the foreseeable future, her furry place in the house will be fulfilled by my late mother’s meow, Greymolken. He’s a bit of a curmudgeon, won’t catch any outdoor animals, and he will scream at us with his giant eyes in order to remind us, “Pet me, don’t pet me!”

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