Trigger Respect

Random thoughts as I was working on Skill #6 of the Empathy Decathlon, Share.

We are so easily triggered by the things that we don’t want to hear, see, touch, feel, that we actively (and passively) turn down our ability to empathetically respond and turn up our vitriol toward others. I believe this is a bi-product of a low and fragile empathy for self, a severely misbalanced social hierarchy, a systemic hiding of the truth, and a culture built on division, not unity.

We must build the world we desire on the back of unity, equality, and respect. Despite being build on division, bloodshed, and prosperity for some, we are to a place in time where we can start turning our cultural boat. What got us here will not be the same things that gets us to the future most of us desire.

Our way out is not easy. It is non-violent, inclusive, and one that accepts so much more than it rejects. It’s opposite of our brutal pasts and doesn’t feel like progress because we’ve equated work to physical toil. It starts with the rebuilding of You. A life practice of being joyous, humble, respectful, and giving. While we tend to see these traits as soft, they are in actuality the things that define our near future prosperity. Wealth and fame will come directly from the way we LIFT each other, not depress each other.

Image from Public Delivery’s article – Banksy’s Rage, The Flower Thrower – Everything you need to know

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