April 9, 2023 : Run at the Obstacles

I am watching my son, Grayson and his Taekwondo practice mates run at full speed at an object that is taller than each of them. Some struggle to get over it while some fly over it with ease. They are all confident that they will get over it someway. Those kids that struggle get help from the Master, pulling them up by the belt. If they don’t make it on the first attempt and look as if they are giving up, the group will start cheering them on, “Miles, Miles, Miles……YAY!!!!”

Everyone approaches the obstacle differently. They are confident because they will get practice, support, and chances to watch others struggle, fail, and succeed.

This is life, in Taekwondo form.

Sometimes we have to run directly towards the obstacles. You are not alone, you’ve got friends, family, and complete strangers here to help you.

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