Waiting with or without stress?

I just watched a gentleman get annoyed that our BART train wasn’t leaving the station. He purposefully bumped his head against the window and muttered disappointment under his breath. Finally, with a gruff he got up and convinced his travel mates, with white male confidence, that this would take too long and that it would be quicker to grab a car. The lady of the group hesitated and finally gave in, stepped off the train and followed the annoyed gentleman. As they approached the stairs the train dinged, signalling that we were departing, and the doors swiftly slid shut. They ran at the train’s closed doors dumbfounded and without luck. We departed without them.

We were waiting for less than 5 minutes. His impatience altered the trajectory of their travel OR his impatience introduced them to a new adventure. Who knows, but was the stress, annoyance, and force worth either option?

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