The book’s cover

While most of us know better than to judge a book by its cover, we still fall into the trap of judging ourselves and others by what we see, perceive, or feel first. The behavior is beyond easy to do this, it feels more efficient in our hyperactive high production reality. Over time, with years of book cover judging under our belts, it’s beyond efficient, it becomes automatic human behavior. The result of a life lived for efficiency and production is that it becomes lonely, brittle, fearful. Maybe this life can become financially lucrative, but having all the money and being alone doesn’t create true happiness. We can move beyond high efficiency and production. We can appreciate the book’s cover and open it to reveal its intriguing and beautiful stories. To do so, we must use tools we have yet seldom use in our high production transactional world.

We must slow down. We must care. We must be attentive story listener. We must lower our judgements and raise our empathy We must rewrite the rules that govern our shared living joy.

We must realize that we are in this together, not competitors or enemies. We are one. One is not we.

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