My mom – My first giant

As a kid, I knew well that my mom was a giant. Not in stature, she was 4’11”, but in love, kindness, and gentleness. The knowledge that she packed into her quiet and beautifully elegant self was always available to be shared with those that were courageous and kind enough to sit with her. She wasn’t ever loud or boisterous. She would sit in silence and smoke her long cigarettes while staring out towards the Joshua Trees. I’d watch her and wonder what incredible things she’s thinking. She didn’t ever tell me what to do or when to do it. She asked me questions about myself and listened. She trusted me, she was an emotional and spiritual giant that I could lean against and learn from as I grew up. We talked about everything while sitting on the floor of our small kitchen. Over time, I realized that the kitchen grew smaller while my body stretched out, yet, she remained the same, a loving and gentle giant. Even though I cannot lean down to get the most amazing hug from her, I can still spiritually sit with her. We can think together, talk about things, and look out over the pine trees.

Today is International Women’s Day and I celebrate my mom first. She taught me how resilient, courageous, loving, brave, daring, gentle and emotionally beautiful women can be. She taught me how to hold space for the quietest of souls in order to experience the depth of their incredible being. She taught me emapthy.

Daily, I celebrate my partner and wife, Laura for all that she is, all that she’s evolving into, and how she supports me with love, patience, and acceptance. She’s a giant, with a soul actively defining her way.

Daily, I celebrate my daughter, Juliette, for all that she is, all that she’s evolving into, and how she continues to teach me, like my mom did, to sit, slow down, and be curious. She’s a giant, with a soul like my mom’s.

Daily, I celebrate many amazing women around me and strive to hold space for them, support their happiness, and continue to recognize them as the giants they are.

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  1. Shelton,
    Thank you for sharing your love for the giant blessing that your Mom was in your life. Additionally, for acknowledging International Women’s Day, and all the women around you.

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