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Too often I give my content away for free on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I leave it to them to show off my words, pictures, and thoughts with the expectation that because I am a good person, my content will be heard by my audience. As a business, it’s their objective to make money, not promote my wise words or childish rants UNLESS it gets them clicks. So why do I give them the content of my character? It doesn’t allow me to reflect easily on my life because they want forward movement, not backwards, and they control even the look back at the year.

While I feel there is a small need to remain present and active on social media, I cannot help but think that it is the ultimate hamster wheel. While I love running and feeling productive, I really love being productive and running amongst nature more. So how do I feed the social mister less? Post here…those that matter will see it, those that don’t, won’t.

Simple, yes.

Risky, I cannot see the risk yet. Here will be my first place of conversation to them be published out to the masses via the machine.

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