Listening Bubble

Dropped in LinkedIn earlier this morning.

Conversations and storytelling have visual representation, the comic talking bubble. Even thinking has its own visual representation. I think that storylistening needs visual representation too. To be open to listening to a story with little to no judgement I would bet is much harder for most people than telling a good story. Here’s a doodle iteration of ‘storylistening’ for ya’ll to chew on. Enjoy!

My thinking, we live is an extremely loud world and everyone has an opinion and story to share. The ability to do this is great, yet the outcome of this megaphone tends to be a cacophony of noise. From spam emails, to the self annointed tech gurus, our attention span is overwhelmed. Like yoga, how can we start making intentional time to practice listening. Listening to face to face stories, listening to birds chirping, listening to yourself breathe. There is high value in expanding our collective world’s in a useful and intentional way. The opposite of that is a chaotic world that we can only react to.

Have you ever run down hill too fast and realize after it was too late the, “This isn’t going to end well.”

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