Ownership of thoughts

Lately, if found a need to journal thoughts and feelings in a public space so that I could eventually talk further with someone about them. There are several things am looking for and I think my personal blog on WordPress has most of my needs covered.

Here is the WIP List of personal journaling needs

  • I don’t want these thoughts to be feed fodder (Twitter)
  • I don’t need to compete for eyeballs, likes, or comments
  • I don’t want to stress about being clever, I live my life in constant draft and iterate mode…take me for the good and bad
  • I don’t want to chose where to put a thought or photo based on the platform (Twitter vs Facebook vs Instagram vs Etc)
  • I want to edit, alter, add to, and expand upon thoughts later in life while still capturing the original essence
  • Must be mobile friendly.
  • Must have a web based platform for deep editing and writing
  • Not mired in advertising
  • A platform that is well supported and loved

So, here we go. I’m going to use my personal blog for a week now, fleeting thoughts, photos, and maybe a song or two. The plan, if I have a shareable thing that I want to talk about later with someone I will capture it here and publish immediately.

So, here is where I will own my thoughts. I will distribute to social media and Empathy Lab as needed.

Current status:

  • At terminal b at Hartsfield Jackson Airport (Atlanta airport)
  • Paid to sit in the Delta Sky Lounge
  • Wearing my traveling socks
  • Eating oatmeal
  • Drinking a capucinno
  • Watching people break the coffee machine
  • On my way to Philadelphia for research with Nationwide Insurance

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