Our Trail

The trail is long,
your shoes are tied,
your lungs are full of fresh air.

The trail is a bit overgrown,
the path is webbed with roots,
your muscles warm as you progress.

The trail has forks,
barren footpaths through thorny brush,
your mind calculates the next decision.

The trail continues,
the adventure unfolds every ten feet,
your skin glistens from the work.

The trail changes,
From roots, to sand, to sharp boulders,
your toes ache from gripping the edges.

The trail opens wide,
from the slow and constrained pace,
your eyes open to a diverse horizon.

The trail plateaus,
it is open, easy, and full of freshness,
your soul is content, yet still hungry.

The trail can continue,
unknown adventures of joy and tragedy ahead,
your body is built to test the trail.

March 17, 2018

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