Comfortable Cat

Too often I censor, edit, hold myself back from writing and I am going to stop that. In order for me to be whole, to learn, and to grow, I must share my everyday thoughts. They don’t all warrant reading or should not be written just for a “Like”. They will be written because I want to share a thought, convey an idea, and potentially start a conversation with a like or unlike minded person.

So why comfortable cat? Comfortable cat doesn’t give AF about where she sleeps. If there is an empty toddler booster seat in the sun, she will curl up and nap. When she needs pets she will call, loudly, and often. She is in touch with her physical needs. When she is tired of me working on my laptop, she will walk across the keyboard or use her claws to make dough into my thigh. She will do what she wants, when she wants. She is an impressive lady that will frequently bring me chipmunks as presents. Sometimes with ketchup. Very thoughtful.

My lessons, give less fucks about what other people think and just be my awesome, purring, brilliant yet humble self. Also, I need to lay around in the sun more and bring friends surprise cute cuddly presents.There is work to be done.

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