Want to be an Early Bird in Night Owl Feathers

It is hard to answer question #3 from QDQD.me. Are you a night owl or an early bird? I try to be an early bird, but I am convinced that I thrive off of being a night owl. I must like the taste of field mice at night over wiggly worms in the morning. I’ve tried all the things that any normal person would try. I’ve set multiple alarms, moved my phone really far away (hidden it once), go to bed early, cut out looking at screens after 8pm, drank tea, water, and even the occasional hot toddy. I’ve planned early runs, early gym workouts, early reading / writing session, etc. Nothing has stuck, I always tend to be more of a night owl despite wanting to get up early and utilize those precious few hours before family and the world are awake. When it does happen, I hate the actual waking up, but LOVE the outcome. A long day that included time for me. If I wake up late, it is extremely difficult to find anytime during the day or evening to work on a project, read, or write. I am currently writing this at 10:04PM while my Laura watches the bachelor. I need to get in bed soon

So, starting tomorrow morning, I am going to do something I’ve tried before, but I am going to dedicate myself to this act for a week. I am going to set my alarm for 5:30AM, put on some warm comfortable clothes, come downstairs and read / plan out my day / maybe watch a documentary. Heck, maybe I will wake up and watch that 6 minute Gary V video every morning. Yup, that’s what I will do. Till then, good night.

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