I want to be a barn owl

If I could be any animal, I would be an owl of some type. Most likely a Galapagos Barn Owl.
Owls have always fascinated and scared me. I remember as a kid going on field trips in search of owl droppings only to find them and search through them in order to see what they ate. A bit gross writing that out, yes, but amazing. These are super hero-like animals that can soar quietly through night, see in the dark, and do all this while being aesthetically stunning to look at. Also, it is one of my favorite illustrated animals by Charlie Harper.

Second place is hard. It would be between a giraffe, an elephant, or a humpback whale. I like the idea of being a humpback whale. It is a creature that lives and thrives in an environment so foreign to me. It would be like living as an alien in a totally different world. Ha, more later maybe.


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