Get Dirty

Morning walk

While it’s been awhile since I last posted my morning walk thoughts. My days have had walks, spiderwebs, and contemplation none-the-less. I’ve been trekking, running, and walking to the labyrinth frequently to think. It continues to be a great source of focus and cultivation.

While I won’t go deep into the thoughts I am wrestling with, I will share the process of caring intent I show this activity. Like many public spaces, this labyrinth doesn’t quite have a regular maintenance schedule and if it did, I assume it would be gas line trimmers and blowers. I don’t feel that those methods honor this space or it’s energy. Since this space has become ritual visit for me, I’ve taken it upon myself to give back to the space, share energy with the labyrinth. To cultivate the experience for myself and others I am pulling weeds and relocating them to a compost pile.

I shared these thoughts with a good friend recently. Cultivating space and cultivating self starts with one action, and in this case one weed pulled. It’s work, intimate and honest work. You will get dirty from the red soil, wet from the morning dew, and sore bending your body into positions in the process. Cultivating a fulfilling life is worth it.

Get dirty, share energy.


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