The Olympic Decathlon + Heptathlon

Thursday, 2am, I was watching what the result of practice and dedication looks like AND how to perform under physical, psychological, mental, and environmental stress. Specifically, I was watching the second day of the Olympic decathlon and heptathlon. The track was the hottest it’s been for the games and the athletes have willingly qualified for a grueling 12 hour day of performing, dealing with failure, enjoying small successes, and moving on to the next event.

There was a point in time in my life when I too signed up for this two day and 10 event performance, the Decathlon. While I was never quite as good as these athletes, the path to the goal remains the same, have huge goals (Olympics), practice, and enjoy yourself. (The pain after to 400m is similar as well!)

Practice must have an element of personal enjoyment or it’s really difficult to make a habit of practice. Without practice, it’s difficult to perform consistently and improve your skills over time. Without a goal practice doesn’t have direction.

These athletes practice to make the Olympics. The joy of making it there makes all the weight training, track work, and injuries worth it.

What do you practice for?

I practice building deep reciprocal relationships, creating and having eye opening experiences, and supporting those around me in their pursuit of their best.

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