“Play Legos” is now on my work calendar

My life, like that of many other adults, is a series of productive tasks to “get things done”. My calendar is full of meetings, lunches (virtual), talks, and appointments. I don’t have “play” on my calendar at all, yet I require it with my kids. If they had a calendar, I would block out each and every day, 24/7, with PLAY. Personally, I do have “go to sleep” on my calendar as well as “eat lunch”. I have to remind myself to eat which some might say that I am lucky, yet I am not sure that having crushing headaches and tension is something you aspire for. Be careful what you envy.

Why don’t I have play on my calendar?

I am going to assume that my lack of play on my calendar is a result of the fact that I have yet to define what play is for me. It’s much easier to make excuses why I shouldn’t even start defining it or even do it in the first place. I make the excuses often that, “I need to put food on the table” or “a client needs this work ASAP” or “if I don’t do this now, I might lose out on the opportunity for X.” My life is somewhat hampered by the pursuit of economic freedom that is potential that I live in a constant fear of losing it. I am guessing that many other’s are like me and like me.

Things on my calendar are mainly economically progressive tasks, while the others tend to be personal care events like a doctor, dentist, therapist appointments. My younger self would not approve of this and quite frankly, neither does my current self. More fun, enjoyable, and uncomfortable adventures need to on my calendar. As a family we did try to start this this year with a family trip to Costa Rica and a solo trail running trip for me to Morocco, but all have been canceled because of the pandemic.

My action, add “Play Legos” to my calendar! Seriously, I am going to have “Play Legos” on my calendar all month and will do my best to take a picture of it before I take it apart and put it back into the family Lego bin. (Yes, family Lego bin.) Currently, going to start my day off with some Lego play right when I wake up (maybe after my run/walk). Maybe the kiddos will join me, we will see!

Look at what I built!

So, my first venture into lego building happened yesterday when I started this blog post. I am at the in-laws for the weekend and J & G were downstairs playing Legos for hours. They have bases, horses, and boats! I wanted to join, yet had adult activities planned (which I cannot remember what they were now). So, yesterday afternoon I sat my butt downstairs with them, played the game “make something out of this handful of Lego’s and then tell me the story”. It was great to watch them construct what they could given the random assortment of blocks that they got. We the fun petered out I started making my bungalow and jet plane landing pad. Here’s the result, I am happy with where I got!

Lego Shelton’s Bungalow + Landing Pad
Lego Shelton’s Jet Speeder – Check out my helmet!
J’s Lego boat!

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