Voted for Ethics and Empathetic Leadership

Long story short, I live in a small suburb of Atlanta (still ITP, thank you very much) that wants to revert back to old leadership by voting out the incumbent Mayor. The problem is that the city suffered greatly under this old city managers leadership in a multitude of ways (if you are interested, let’s grab a coffee), yet some are willing to suffer in the name of keeping this a “family run” city. Since I am not part of “the family”, do not have generations of relatives from the city, and fail to meet the “good ol boys” standards, there is an obvious choice for me and my family here. Vote for the person that is willing to represent me equally with the remainder of the residents.

I will always vote for those willing to take a hard stance in order to find a beneficial compromise for the masses. This is empathy. This is not tribalism, nationalism, or in-crowd / out-crowd voting. I vote for those willing to help raise the tides for all, not some.

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