My Black Friday

shelton davis blackout

Facebook and Instagram, sold out.

It is 11:40pm on Friday the 23rd, Black Friday. I’ve decided to pull back a bit, regroup my focus, and practice The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up on some of my social media accounts (Facebook + Instagram. I am not a heavy user by far, but I’ve come to realize that I just don’t want to compete in this race. It doesn’t bring me joy and usually just takes me on a trip I don’t want to go on. I would rather speak directly to friends and family, share boatloads of personal pictures with people that come to me to see them, and rage-cry + passionately-build with people in person or over the phone. I need that touch, that contact, that human-ness back in my life and I cannot replace it with Facebook or Instagram. I am not going completely away as I still want to publish Empathy Lab updates, but I am going to pull back my personal involvement in these platforms. To get closer to Empathy Lab, sign up for our newsletter, it comes out every Friday and is brief, happy, thought provoking, and simple (bottom of home page).

So, what about Twitter?

Despite its fatal flaws as a social platform, I am still able to wade through the bullshit and keep up with friends, thought-leaders, and people trying desperately to dent the world in a positive way. I will stay there for now. You can find me at @shelton there if you want to follow me.

What about photos of my life (wifey, kiddos, adventures, oh my)?

Well, come find me and I will certainly share a boatload of pictures with you. I’ve really wanted Flickr to come back into my life, but it just isn’t going to be that way. Therefore, I am choosing to share photos via Google Photos. That being said, send me an email at, and I will gladly share my inner life with you.

I love you and am grateful for you. 


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