Selling my Fitbit Blaze

fitbit blaze
Shelton’s selling his FitBit Blaze

I am a weekend runner and like to run different paths through my neighborhood and town. It’s fun to see different houses, streets, and the spring/summer blooms. My runs are not about how fast or how far, they are about moving my heart and sweating a bit. So, why did I feel the need to buy this FitBit Blaze in the first place? What were the jobs I wanted to be done?

Here is why I’ve decided to sell my FitBit Blaze on eBay.

Main job to be Done

Silent Alarm

I really wanted to get up early without waking my wife and this was potentially the best bet. Issues with this idea showed up quickly. Beyond the fact that I am a night owl, wearing the FitBit Blaze to bed made it difficult to move my arm around while I slept.

Without getting too detailed around how distracting it was to have this watch on during sex, the issues were similar to sleeping. Freedom of movement during sex is quite, um, nice. We did think about heart rates during sex, but that was just not a thing we care to explore at the time.

Back to sleeping, often I would wake up in the middle of the night with my watch arm completely asleep up to my shoulder because I refused to move it to a more comfortable position while sleeping. I tried to sleep on my back like a mummy, which didn’t help the 2:34am zombie arm.

Side Jobs

Day’s Reminders

Since I couldn’t make it work as an alarm aid, I eventually just wore it during the day. I thought it would be a nice calendar reminder and text notification device so I have it a month plus try.

Charging Woes

Since I was so used to my Suunto Core All Black, I would forget to charge it and it would die while I was sitting at work. Trying to know what time it is on a dead watch pushed me to pull out my phone all the time.

Suunto Core All Black
Suunto Core All Black

Interrupted Communication

At first the alerts for meeting and texts were nice, but I soon started to hate being interrupted by things that really shouldn’t break my attention. I highly value attention both given and received so my constant look down at my watch felt counter to what I thought was engaged communication.

Controlling Music

This was rather awesome actually, but not something I did regularly. It was nice to be able to turn the music down while eating dinner or skip a song we weren’t in the mood for. Despite liking this feature, it wasn’t enough to keep the watch on my wrist. I could easily do the same function with my phone which was maybe a foot from my wrist.

Device Needs Now

Looking back on this experience, I understand that what I value as important to me cannot yet be packaged into a single device.

  • I want a simple silent alarm that can wake me gradually.
  • I want a watch specifically for running that does splits, gps, and can do simple text/call in case of an emergency.
  • I really enjoy my current Suunto Core All Black, I should fix what is not broken and when it does break, I should buy another one.

All written on an iPhone SE while commuting on the train. Please forgive my errors.

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