If you don’t show up

If you don’t show up,You won’t be there,andYou won’t get the experiences,You won’t get the knowledge,You won’t get the tacos,You … More

selling time

time, we sell it daily,yet,we don’t own it. words,we sell them daily,to systems that don’t care. photos,we sell them daily,to … More

today is here

today is here,yesterday is gone,tomorrow doesn’t exist,right now is alive. here we live,here we decide,here we choose to love,to laugh,to … More

Time Owner

When you were born,You were given outright ownership of your time. Although you needed help to thrive,Time was lovingly shared. … More

Adventures not Experienced

Adventures are infinite, Experiences are infinite, Beauty is infinite, Love is infinite, Our time to experience all of these things … More