This page is dedicated to the things that are currently on my plate. From work at Empathy Lab to life with family, friends and strangers. I am going to attempt to scope this “now” to a 6 month – 1 year window. Thanks to Maurice Cherry for his thoughts about the “now” page.

Here is where my brain is currently brewing on, enjoy. (I am sure I am missing things!)

Empathy Lab

  1. ONGOING – Continual Relationship Building
    1. With leaders in organizational change, inclusive + diverse communities, drivers of self awareness practices and empathy.
  2. MAJOR MINOR – Empathy Workshop Development
    1. I have talked to several business leaders in Atlanta about conducting a lunch and learn with their team. Support is high, I just need to finalize what adventure I share with them.
      1. (UPDATE : 5/15/2019) Completed workshops at Morehouse, Georgia Tech, Terminus Software, and with the Atlanta Javascript Meetup group.
    2. University classroom hour at GaTech in November.
    3. Planning for an addition workshop in Atlanta! Want to join us? Let me know!
      1. (UPDATE : 5/15/2019) Planning for June – August. This will be a general workshop and will have a small fee. Stay tuned!
  3. MINOR MAJOR – Self Awareness Application (SAWA) Creation
    1. I am creating SAWA in order to help people build personal self awareness and eventually use this in group settings in the form of empathetic listening and sharing.
      1. (UPDATE : 5/15/2019) In the works with an offshore development team. Hoping to get
  4. MAJOR – Design Consulting ($$)
    1. With the CIO at Nationwide Insurance, Scott Sanchez, I am helping the Innovation Team through the end of the year. User empathy gathering for new product development purposes by utilizing the Design Thinking process.
    2. (UPDATE : 5/15/2019) Conversations with local Atlanta businesses about empathy driven product research and development work. Continual WIP.
  5. IMMEDIATE – Signage + Voter Support
    1. I believe that out upcoming election, on November 6, 2018, is the most important one in my lifetime. I am building out DIY stencil + instructions on how to create signs.
      1. (UPDATE : 5/15/2019) No progress outside of updating the website. Need to start making signs + stickers!

Shelton’s Adventure Lab

  1. Aging SoCal Family(10/3/2018)
    1. As my family ages (mom, grandparents), I need to help them transition through Social Security, Medicare, MediCal, nursing homes, and other fun growing aging milestones.
      1. (UPDATE : 5/15/2019) My grandmother passed away on February 3, 2019. Currently, the funeral/memorial is May 18, 2019. Took time to plan…
      2. (UPDATE : 5/15/2019) Unable to get my mom moving on her retirement needs. Going to leave it to her and help when she asks. 
  2. US National Parks
    1. Purchased a US National Parks Pass during my last trip to Joshua Tree and need to plan a trip with the family to something within driving distance from Atlanta, Georgia. Any suggestions?
      1. (UPDATE : 5/15/2019) Haven’t used the pass sadly enough, but I hope to use it on 05/18 – 05/19 at Joshua Tree.
  3. Personal Journey Mapping
    1. Testing out RealTimeBoard (Miro) and its ability to create a running personal journey map. 

Update Log:
10/3/2018, 5/15/2019