This page is dedicated to the things that are currently on my plate. From work at Empathy Lab to life with family, friends and strangers. I am going to attempt to scope this “now” to a 6 month – 1 year window. Thanks to Maurice Cherry for his thoughts about the “now” page.

Here is where my brain is currently brewing on, enjoy. (I am sure I am missing things!)

Empathy Lab

  1. ONGOING – Continual Relationship Building
    1. With leaders in organizational change, inclusive + diverse communities, drivers of self awareness practices and empathy.
  2. MAJOR Empathy Workshop Development
    1. I have talked to several business leaders in Atlanta about conducting a lunch and learn with their team. Support is high, I just need to finalize what adventure I share with them.
    2. University classroom hour at GaTech in November.
    3. Planning for an addition workshop in Atlanta! Want to join us? Let me know!
  3. MINOR – Self Awareness Application (SAWA) Creation
    1. I am creating SAWA in order to help people build personal self awareness and eventually use this in group settings in the form of empathetic listening and sharing.
  4. MAJOR – Design Consulting ($$)
    1. With the CIO at Nationwide Insurance, Scott Sanchez, I am helping the Innovation Team through the end of the year. User empathy gathering for new product development purposes by utilizing the Design Thinking process.
  5. IMMEDIATE – Signage + Voter Support
    1. I believe that out upcoming election, on November 6, 2018, is the most important one in my lifetime. I am building out DIY stencil + instructions on how to create signs.

Adventure Lab

  1. Aging SoCal Family
    1. As my family ages (mom, grandparents), I need to help them transition through Social Security, Medicare, MediCal, nursing homes, and other fun growing aging milestones.
  2. US National Parks
    1. Purchased a US National Parks Pass during my last trip to Joshua Tree and need to plan a trip with the family to something within driving distance from Atlanta, Georgia. Any suggestions?


sD 10/3/2018