Repurposed Goods = The Cardboard Laptop Stand

Repurposed Goods is a project I started in 2008 as a master’s industrial designer student at Georgia Tech. Much like my fellow students, I was without the means to buy raw material and was also conscious of material life spans. Since I couldn’t purchase what I needed and hated wasting good material, Repurposed Goods was born. It’s first project, the Pallet Adirondack Chair (to be shared soon).

Years later, I came up with this, the Cardboard Laptop Stand. With an abundant supply of cardboard flowing in from different internet companies, I had a nice pile of fresh cardboard at my fingertips and a laptop sitting on books. Problem, meet design iteration to a solution.

Note: The Repurposed Goods site (Tumblr driven) has been neglected, but the passion is still there. I will try to create / post more things as I build things for my kiddos.

Stylized design for a Repurposed Goods blog post.
The RepurposedGoods Cardboard Laptop Stand 1 Page Design Guide
Cardboard Laptop Stand final product.

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