Operable Iterative Process


Company : Operable

The following diagrams, user flows, sketches, and process flows are part of our pre-pivot product exploration into a smarter developer on-call tool (ie. VictorOps & PagerDuty). Many of the concepts and ideas that we gathered during this phase were utilized in the creation of Cog.

My role : Lead Product Designer

A general product of user interviews and long talks with Mark (CEO) and Kevin (CTO) were idea sketches, wireframes, and notes. Since I was working from Atlanta, GA. and they were headquartered in Durham, NC. we lacked face to face white boarding time and this output helped us communicate and collaborate of product needs and direction. We shared through Slack and talked about them throughout the day over Zoom or Google Hangouts.

In order to stay ahead of the engineering team’s current sprint schedule work, I iterated through wireframes and potential user flows with the Mark for upcoming sprints. By doing this, it allowed me the heads down time to iterate and talk with users while still being available to the engineering team to collaborate over our current sprint of work.

A few user flows for screens or concepts we needed the users to get through.

Example of detailed wireframe and simple production work. Most concepts were pushed forward into a refined UI style through wireframes even if the production quality of our product was still basic Twitter Bootstrap. This helped us to start identifying standards and style guides to consider when preparing to bring production into a more refined UI.

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