First Data + Clover @ CES



CES debut of Clover + partner application, January 2014.


First Data + Clover + Clover partners, Perka, Noshlist, Homebase, and DigitalPour

Team (iteration sanity check):

  • Theresa Ward
  • Ben Love
  • Sarah Dickens
  • Clover and Perka crews


  • Get Clover noticed by the audiences and media at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show
  • Provide a platform to advertise and create marketing material for partner companies
  • Showcase the collaborative efforts between First Data, Clover, and Clover’s application partners

My role and responsibility

User Experience Design Manager : First Data Innovation Lab

As the sole designer in First Data’s Innovation Lab and design lead between FD and Clover, I was tasked with all things that needed design iteration and production. This included the following:

  • All marketing material and lead / collaborate with internal First Data marketing department in the creation of material for bank partners (Bank of America, SunTrust, etc.)
  • Exhibit booth design and direction with the guidance of the Csarnowski team
  • Design of all exhibit booth material

Work and process examples:

CES  Exhibit booth design

Start with a sketch, we’ve got 20ft x 20ft
Google SketchUp quick and dirty design with the team.


Exhibit booth marketing material:

This design pushed the limits of die-cutting and brochure design for me. Many tolerances had to be considered in order to make sure that each panel of the brochure could be seen as centered even if the die-cut was off a bit. The five style guides that had to be considered was also a bit of a hurdle, but the end result was amazing.

Complete design of Clover + co-brand brochures.


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