+ Analytics

2.8 Actions - Detail View
Close to final wireframe of the Actions view of Chef Anayltics


To give users real-time visibility into what is happening on the Chef server and give them the ability to take quick action on what is learned.

User pain points:

A main pain point, real-time visibility, was discovered through user interviews and the observation of supplemental tools built by enterprise customers. This user research lead us to focusing on several impactful areas in the product design.

  • Main No efficient real-time visibility into what was happening on the Chef server
  • Unable to see which team member made changes
  • Unable to see what changes they made
  • Unable to pinpoint when changes occurred

User gain + product development:

Through gradual product iteration internally with engineering and product teams, we were able to create a product solution that helped teams gain the needed visibility into what was happening on Chef Server. Chef Analytics is part of the Chef Automate tool, but documentation on what was built can be found here.


Chef gives IT teams a model for automating their infrastructure and applications, which in turn drives self-reliance across their development and operations teams.


Chef Engineering Analytics as lead by James Casey and co-founder Adam Jacob.

My role and responsiblities

Lead UX Researcher and Designer

Product : Chef Analytics

Integrated into the Chef Automate product

User Experience Design Output:

Iteration of how to display a LOT of information in one place. Issues came up when it came to refresh rate of Chef server changes, how to flag/tag certain changes, and when to start grouping changes together as a single instance.

We refined the design along side Chef users like Kickstarter, Yahoo, and Barclays Bank. Chef branding started to be introduced into the user interface’s design as we began adopting/creating a style guide across products. The below images are examples of a more refined direction on Chef’s UI look and feel.

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