As a designer of experiences, from those that live on a screen to those that can live on a countertop, my life and career has taken me on incredible adventures with some amazing people. So that I don’t burden you with ALL of my work, here are a few pieces of work that have really made a difference in how I practice human centered design.

Selected Works

Project #1 – Georgia Tech Research Institute & the Arthritis Simulation Gloves

Project #2 – Clover Point-of-Sale Product Launch at The Consumer Electronics Show

Project #3 – Chef Software Analytics Research and Design

Project #4 – Operable Startup Sprints and Pivots

Project #5 – Terminus Software Team Building + Design Systems

Project #6 – Nationwide Insurance & Preparing for Retirement

Project #7 – Empathy Lab : the Empathy Decathlon Practice

Bonus Project – Repurposed Goods & the Pallet Adirondack Chair

Laundry Hamper

This is where I try to keep all of my well worn and worked projects. It’s always growing, being added to, and flexing, so please don’t look here for a high designed and/or manicured portfolio. This place helps me move projects from my brain and into a space where I can reflect and learn from them.

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